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Aged swiss cheese


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Milk Type: Cow
Age: 3-6 Months
Texture: Hard

Suggested Wine Pairing: Cabernet Franc, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Noir
Suggested Beer Pairing: Belgian Ale, Dark Lager, Extra Special Bitter, and Pilsner
Suggested Fruit Pairing: Apricots, Cantaloupe, Figs, Grapes, Honeydew, and Pears
Suggested Meat Pairing: Kielbasa, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Smoked Ham, and Turkey

Swiss cheese is delicious when served with a fruity red or white wine. Serve it chilled with crackers, fruit, and snack size slices of sausage or pepperoni. It is also a wonderful cheese to use in a Fondue dip; serve it with crusty chunks of French bread or with sliced vegetables or fruit. The sharp taste is delicious with added garlic and white wine, making a memorable warm dip for your next party.

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